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דברים חשובים הבלוג הכללי - קדישא טיפים חשובים לכולם

6 things I wanted to know before signing up for Architecture

If there is one thing I learned in the years of the University it is that studying architecture requires so many sacrifices. At the same time, however, it is able to transmit you a lot and give you a sense of planning that few other faculties are able to do. Not everyone has a bigger person …

דברים חשובים הבלוג הכללי - קדישא טיפים חשובים לכולם

How nice to be parents, but if reading is your passion there are some things you should know

When you have a child changes everything, the time you can devote to yourself decreases, and if you love reading a good book or listening to music (your music) you must know that your habits are bound to change in a sensitive way. Fortunately, there is the smartphone. Many criticize them because they induce a compulsive …