6 things I wanted to know before signing up for Architecture

If there is one thing I learned in the years of the University it is that studying architecture requires so many sacrifices. At the same time, however, it is able to transmit you a lot and give you a sense of planning that few other faculties are able to do.

Not everyone has a bigger person – a student, a professor or an architect – who can explain to those who are about to approach a cycle of architecture studies what should be expected.

These are tips, warnings, hopes and doubts about a path to take.

1. You must objectively say goodbye to your old social life

You will meet new people, you will spend hours and hours with them and will create unique relationships, but forget to be able to do as your friends who have chosen to study other noble subjects in which no one is forced to produce tons of tables and models. You can do even worse by just signing up for medicine.

2. To be a great architect, you really have to have it inside

It is not wise to start from scratch at the age of 19 years! If you have not already had experience in the field (for example parents or relatives who are architects) or if you do not have a strong passion since childhood – which led you in the years of high school to begin to deepen the many subjects (whether they modeling programs or history) – it will be very hard for you. Competition is high and things to know a lot. Sometimes you can not fill the gap if you start from scratch and you risk being left behind for all 5 years if you do not commit to 150%.

3. You will be asked to know and study a lot

Thankfully it is claimed that an architect should know the statics, sociology, psychology, graphics, geometry, design, at least 5 2D and 3D graphics programs, history, urban planning, modeling, technology and (hopefully) sustainability. Thank goodness, because the buildings have great responsibilities for the life of all of us, but they are things that are asked of you and that you, to be a good architect, you have to know.

The specialization, if it comes, will come, but for all this there will be an exam and you will not be able to do without it. This if we want is the noblest part of architecture.

4. The University gives you 50% (or less), the other 50% you have to create yourself

I'm not talking about job opportunities or anything else, in this post we talk about wanting to become the best architects around. What I mean is that the theory and the practice that will teach you will not be enough to get you out of your hands and your means if you have not been busy in the meantime. Experiment and learn about architecture on your behalf. I recommend you apply as much as possible, the ball was the best friend of Holly and Benji, the pencil and the mouse are yours.

5. Do not listen to the professors. Learn to use drawing programs (2D and 3D)

Unless you are an indescribable freehand talent, then do not listen for a moment to all those dinosaurs who mumble from their primitive experience that the pencil is another thing … "Now that you draw all the PC not one is more able to think like once … "Etc. etc. From the first day you set foot in the faculty (if you are not already an expert) you will have to try your hand and learn 2 or 3 programs at best, and you will need to know how to use the most used ones (in all they do not reach 10). My personal advice is Rhinoceros, Revit and Autocad 2D, Photoshop to perfection and others to follow: Illustrator, Indesign, Archicad and others that you will cross. This is just my advice, you decide on what to specialize, but believe me .. Learn to know them as if they were your pockets,

6. It's so late that it's early. Get used to nights

The singing of the birds or the first light of the morning could become a nightmare for you one day. If you're good you will do a few, if you'll be like me you'll do a little more, if you're crazy you will always do. I do not think there is a single architectural student who has never had a night awake to draw.

In short, do not mess around. The nights will really be there and some will be really hard, on the verge of mental and physical endurance. He only hopes to be in a good group, otherwise it will be horrible times.

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