How nice to be parents, but if reading is your passion there are some things you should know

When you have a child changes everything, the time you can devote to yourself decreases, and if you love reading a good book or listening to music (your music) you must know that your habits are bound to change in a sensitive way. Fortunately, there is the smartphone.

Many criticize them because they induce a compulsive and greedy reading behavior and deprive you of the classic pleasure of reading, which has its symbols in the "newspaper-which-reads-at the bar-in front of -a café" and of course in the "book- to-read-the evening-collapsed-in-armchair ". And a little 'is true. But for me the invasion of smartphones was an extraordinary anchor of salvation compared to the threat of the cosmic emptiness of "do not read": as you have understood more or less in the same period of my life in which I have given a smartphone I became a father, and with the smartphone you can also read when you have your child in your arms, and even when you're pushing the swing with your child on board (and it's not cheap).

But the smartphone is not enough. If you are a strong reader of books, books begin to fail you, you miss in particular that kind of silent and intimate experience that only the book can give you. And in fact when in that period after endless adventures I managed to finish 1Q84 I felt a joy of those that you feel only in adolescence, when you discover a great book. And even today I can not say whether the book of Murakami is an extraordinary book, or if the simple fact of being successful, against all odds, to finish it was enough to make it appear so.

The frustration of not being able to read books any longer has instead reinforced – rather than weakened – my bibliophile and pushed me, in order: a) to compulsively reorganize my library several times; b) to create endless wish lists on Amazon (which you can easily do with your smartphone, see above); c) to project my desires on friends and relatives, giving books as I had never done before. Then I focused on the situation, and in the end I realized that there was a way to start reading books , it was much simpler than I could think, it was just a matter of resisting a few months. And so in a short time I became an avid reader of children's books, at least as enthusiastic about my daughter (and later my children ).

By attending children's books I loved some and then, perhaps for the first and only time, I fell in love with a publishing house, the Babalibri. Babalibri has a catalog not too vast but international for children's books and is for me the perfect editor model, the one you trust because you understand that it alwaysproduces quality things and tastes similar to yours. I remember I was at the Turin Book Fair and a friend – who knew I had just become a father – advised me to buy the Babalibri. And I, when he told me, I already had two or three in my backpack. Di Babalibri, for example, is the "Superkamishibai" that you see in the picture. In Japan, kamishibai is a paper theater. While the children look at the illustrations, the text is read on the back.

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